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The Aspire badminton academy was launched in July 2017. Located at Hulimavu in the city of Bengaluru, Academy is a state-of-the-art badminton facility, the Academy was started by Mr. Lakshmanan.G and Mrs. Priya Laxman both have always been keen enthusiasts of Badminton and aim to be catalysts in transforming India into a sporting superpower by inculcating sporting culture in the youth.

The founders of the Academy had a desire to impart top-notch training and coaching to young players which propelled them to setting up the Academy.

The Coaching is provided by Renowned Coach Mr. E Harsha and Mr. Arun rai. We are a team of Badminton enthusiasts having immense knowledge and experience in the field of badminton in its short history, it has produced multiple National and State level players and is renowned around Bengaluru for producing and nurturing Genuine badminton talent.


The visionary behind academy's successful inception Mr Lakshmanan.G (M.E) possess over 25 years of corporate management experience in Infosys, L&T, TCE and has deep interest in nurturing kids for skills relevant to 21st century. He believes if we as a nation have to improve at macro level then youth and kids have to be instilled with aspiration to achieve greater heights. Hence the name ASPIRE was coined.


To provide Aspirational experience to the Children by nurturing Active Body through Badminton, we believe Active Body leads to Active Mind.

We want to be the third place for the Children after home and school. Catering to both physical and intellectual aspects of the children under one roof hassle free!


Our Infrastructure is created, maintained and measured against Global benchmark standards.

We have followed Badminton England club standard during construction which defines standard for ventilation, intensity of light and landscape.

Puff panel sheets used in the roof which is resistant to heat and reduces noise during the rain.

At most care has been taken on toilets, power back up, parking, powerful exhaust and drinking water.

Lift access is provided.

Gallery section where parents can have a great view of their wards training and performance with seating capacity of over 20.

We use specialized imported flooring from Junckers the European leading manufacturers of solid wood flooring for sport and commercial segment.

Junckers is certified from BADMINTON WORLD FEDERATION, WORLD SQUASH, INTERNATIONAL HANDBALL FEDERATION and it has gained the experience of manufacturing solid hardwood floors since 1930. It represented more than 30 countries.

Both Safety and Performance has been given importance which provides ultimate shock apsorption thus ensuring minimal impact to players

We have adhered to Badminton England Standards of Friction, Shock absorption, Vertical Deformation etc.

We have considered Lighting very early in the design of hall, providing effective illumination of the shuttlecock andcourt markings to aid players.

At most care is taken for background of walls without distraction to players


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  • "The Academy obliges players all things considered and capacity levels from, tenderfoot to proficient and club-class levels. We are enthusiastic about badminton, would you say you are? Come prepare with us and discover. "
  • "It is safe to say that you are a player holding up to enhance your amusement and raise the stakes? At that point our group of profoundly skilled mentors will have the capacity to enable you to advance in your diversion. "
  • "The Academy obliges players all things considered and capacity levels from, tenderfoot to proficient and club-class levels. We are enthusiastic about badminton, would you say you are? Come prepare with us and discover. ""

Badminton kits

We use leading brands Yonex, Victor, We guide and help the individual to get the right kit based on their age and performance level.

Badminton kits

We have all the necessary support and partnerships for children to participate in inter-school, state, national and international Badminton tournaments which will propel the children to grow to greater heights and bring accolades for the nation.